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Greenberg Quinlan Rosner is one of the world's premier research and strategic consulting firms. We specialize in political polling and campaign strategy, helping political candidates, parties, advocacy groups, and ballot initiatives succeed across the United States and around the globe. GQR also supports some of the world's leading corporations and business executives in navigating changing global trends and improving their performance, reputation, and profitability.

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An infographic on what voters thought during Obama's State of the Union speech.



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sotuLast week, we watched President Obama’s fourth State of the Union address with 44 swing voters in Denver, Colorado. As they watched the speech, the voters registered their moment-to-moment responses using state-of-the-art perception analyzer technology.


TX-smallStatewide survey finds strong opposition to family planning cuts and employer limits on birth control access

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Valentine-HeartsFor many, Valentine’s Day is a special day. For others, it’s a day to ignore or even revile. For florists, it’s a huge business day. With that in mind, Masa and I decided to capture the tweets in and around NYC yesterday to see what kinds of market insights we could gain from a top-level sifting.

raylewisNFL players have brands. Many players will—or at least should—spend top dollar to groom their image and communications carefully. As the 2012 season wrapped up, one of the most talked about “brands” was that of retiring Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. A cursory examination of the Ray Lewis brand shows that it is an admired brand that has largely recovered from the negative impact due to his role in a January 2000 fight that led to the deaths of two people in Atlanta.