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For advocacy groups looking to make a difference, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner has the answer.  We work with non-profits and NGOs throughout the US and around the world, helping them win support for their ideas and realize their goals. Our staff includes experts in the issues shaping America's future - issues such as immigration, national security, religion and values-based politics, technology, globalization, energy, and the environment. Clients often select us to work on high profile bi-partisan projects with Republican counterparts, like our polling for National Public Radio and for organizations using data to lobby Congress.

We have a proven record of advancing the interests of people and organizations seeking progressive change, like the Nobel Peace Prize winning Campaign to Ban Landmines, the International Committee of the Red Cross's work to understand the impact of war on civilians around the world, and the Natural Resource Defense Council's work on global climate change.

Read about our advocacy projects here.