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Greenberg Quinlan Rosner is one of the world's premier research and strategic consulting firms. We specialize in political polling and campaign strategy, helping political candidates, parties, advocacy groups, and ballot initiatives succeed across the United States and around the globe. GQR also supports some of the world's leading corporations and business executives in navigating changing global trends and improving their performance, reputation, and profitability.

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This piece first appeard inTime. The full policy brief is located at Progressive Policy Institute.


By Jeremy Rosner


War-weary after the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and reeling financially from the Great Recession, the public wants U.S. leaders to focus more at home and shoulder far fewer burdens abroad. The public certainly rejects more American “boots on the ground,” and will strongly resist the new U.S. advisers and air strikes in Iraq.

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By Graeme Trayner


Communicators and marketers aim to change public attitudes every day. But bringing about that change can be frustrating and challenging. As people, we can be stubborn when it comes to our opinions and are reluctant to change our views, let alone how we act and behave. Yet, the situation is not all bleak for those tasked with persuasion, as the big, and rapid, public shifts on social issues such as marriage equality have shown. What do we need to know about how attitudes are formed, and how they might evolve?

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner congratulates our client, The San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, on their leading role in helping San Diego last week become the largest city in the nation to raise its minimum wage. GQRR provided the polling that helped understand the contours of the debate and design the message strategy.

But the work is far from done. Opponents are already starting the process of gathering signatures to referendize the council-passed ordinance and try to take away the honest-day’s earnings of hard-working San Diegans who want to pay their bills and feed their families. We look forward to continuing this fight alongside our friends Richard Barrera and Kirsten Clemons at the Labor Council, Clare Crawford and team at the Center on Policy Initiatives, and strategist Larry Remer.

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don-bioWASHINGTON, DC and TORONTO, CANADA, June 30, 2014 – Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research (GQR), one of the world’s leading research and strategic consulting firms, is partnering with Canadian strategist Don Guy to launch GQR Canada.  The new Toronto-based operation is GQRR’s fifth office around the world, joining Washington, New York, London and Buenos Aires.

“GQRRs track record for accuracy in polling, and deep understanding of key political and economic trends and issues is very relevant to our existing and future clients in Canada. Establishing a Canadian office will allow us to support our strong and increasing base of clients there, and we are proud to expand our network to this great country.” said Anna Greenberg, Senior Vice President of GQR.  

The Canadian arm is led by Don Guy, who was appointed as Managing Director GQR Canada and Vice President in GQRR’s global practice.  Guy is one of Canada’s most respected strategists and pollsters, having led four consecutive come-from-behind major election wins from 2003-2013.  His research-driven strategies have guided hundreds of corporate and political clients to safe harbour over his 25 year career.  Guy is also a founding partner in Kool Topp & Guy, Canada’s leading public affairs boutique.  

In addition to advising some of the world's most prominent political leaders – from Bill Clinton to Nelson Mandela to Tony Blair – GQR has counseled CEOs and other top leaders at many of the world's best known corporations, including TIAA-CREF, Microsoft,  Boeing and CNBC. GQR specializes in applying cutting-edge thinking from political campaigning to corporate challenges.

“We are thrilled Don is joining to head up our Canadian arm. His vast expertise on Canadian politics and our experience on engineering winning strategies for campaigns and corporations are the perfect match for this new office.” said Jeremy Rosner, Executive Vice President of GQR. 

Guy noted, “I am delighted to be returning to my first professional love – polling - and to bring the leading edge insights and tools that have driven global progressive change to my clients in Canada. As communications shifts from relying on gut instinct to a data-driven approach, insights into how campaigns build and mobilize support are becoming relevant to business.”

Guy will be re-united with Elizabeth Sena, Vice President at GQRR, coming off another successful campaign as the pollster for the Working Families Coalition in Ontario, and the leader of the GQRR Analytics innovation practice, which will serve the growing needs of our expanding clients in Canada

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 These 12 battleground U.S. Senate races take place in a country deeply discontented with the state of the country, all national leaders, and political parties. With 10 of 12 seats held by Democrats but won by Romney by 8 points in 2012, this will be a competitive year to be sure. Nevertheless, Democratic incumbents and challengers are out-performing Obama in these states, while Democratic intensity matches that of Republicans, and the U.S. Senate vote numbers suggest the parties could well split these seats, putting the Senate at close to 50 for either party.